Classic Printers – the first twenty years

In 1991 we were almost entirely litho printers: artwork to camera, film to plate, plate to press. Most of our work was single- or two-colour leaflets and business stationery. The business has evolved over the last twenty years to meet new challenges and opportunities as technology has changed.

Over the years, digital printing became faster and cheaper and the quality improved. Currently we have a Xerox 242, which can print high-quality colour at 1200 dots per inch. Our inkjet poster-maker, a Canon iPF610, prints up to A1 size.

Until recently, a Printer was somebody who put ink on to paper or card. That’s us. Nowadays, a Printer is also a machine that attaches to your PC so that you can do the printing yourself. We don’t sell or repair printers, or supply ink for them, but we like our name, so we’ll keep it despite the occasional confusion!